Bob Scruggs

Professional Employer Organization

Business Solutions is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) brokerage that provides lower-cost workers’ compensation, health insurance, payroll, and HR services to companies nationwide. We work with many different PEOs to find the best solution for our clients. This approach gives businesses a one-stop-shop for the tools they’ll require to not only reduce employee carry costs, but hit their business objectives. PEOs help small to mid-size businesses obtain greater purchasing power.


Bob Scruggs founded Business Solutions in April of 2016 to help client companies navigate the process associated with selecting the right corporate partner that’ll not only reduce their operating cost but help them attain, retain and attract “Best In Class” employees. Having spent the last 27 years in Senior Leadership for these providers, he insulates you from sales reps, gets the providers to compete against each, will do a financial analysis of those providers, and will be with you through the selection process. The best part – His Services Are FREE!!!

Phone: 858-761-6858