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Think of Funnl as the Amazon marketplace of business. We sell services using all the tricks in the book. First, we take aspiring companies and inject their information onto our landing page. That landing page is a beautiful and well-optimized website called a cityFunnl. These cityFunnls are named the way people search for things on Google, like contractor biloxi. This strategic naming method is a huge factor in the way Google ranks websites.

We then load these cityFunnls up

Jason VanZant

Jason VanZant

My passion is truly technology. I’ve worked as a contractor, mechanic and welder. I started a VOIP company in 2008 when the recession hit. I’ve published several science fiction novellas. Applied for a few patents with me drapery company. Traveled as a railroad engineer/mechanic throughout my 20s.

Now Funnl will give me the ability to change the world. I want to help communities grow, that is my passion. Seeing businesses succeed and knowing I played a roll in that is truly my guiding light. God has blessed me and I want to share that blessing with everyone I meet.