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SEO Misconceptions

There are a lot of misconceptions about SEO. People new to Websites often ask if I can improve their SEO. These people are still under the misconception that managing SEO is all in the hands of the Web Designer. It is true that the design of a website and the initial content have a role to play in SEO, but it just isn’t about “keyword stuffing” anymore.

Great Products Sell Themselves, Right?

Business owners mistakenly think that a great product will sell itself, but if no one is interested in sharing your content then it doesn’t matter how wonderful it is. Sharing is all about linking and link rankings. Anything that promotes or inhibits link growth will help or hurt your SEO. You can get many of your friends to give you an initial boost, but if you don’t focus your attention on the rest of the population out there even their initial shares will go nowhere.


The fact is SEO is all about everything. SEO is any input that engines use to rank pages. SEO is:

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