Start your day at 4 am and you will be in Good Company

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Do you start your day early? Many well-known people like the CEO of Apple and Starbucks, get up at 4 am. Every one of these folks chooses different activities. Some work out, catch up on email, or meditate. But, they are all trying to escape interruptions.

People who love this schedule say you should choose to put your shoes on first thing because you are less likely to go back to bed, or schedule your coffee maker to go off. People who returned emails actually scheduled their emails to be delivered later so clients would not think they were available 24/7.

Most of these people also go to bed early as well (around 9 pm).

Personally, I have always gotten up early. I have always thought it was training from being a figure skater. But, I am now 60 and have gotten up early my whole life. My choice is to go to the gym and I actually wish the gym would open earlier than 6 am. Believe it or not, I struggle every morning to walk in the door at the gym. But I am always glad I did.

Throughout COVID-19 I have continued to get up at 5 AM, however, now I work at my computer for an hour, then hop on my stationary bicycle for another hour before my husband gets up at 7 AM. It helps me get organized and invigorated for the day.

Maybe it is the early life training that makes me an early riser. But, if you would like some personal time that is yours, and yours only. I suggest you give waking early a try. Many successful people rise early, they don’t all workout, as I do, but they all make their morning routine a habit.

I also love the idea of making your bed first thing. This is another habit I developed early and have continued throughout my lifetime. It makes you feel like you do once you’ve gotten dressed for the day. Fresh and happy!

Let me know what you choose for your schedule. I would love to hear what others do.

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