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Are you in chronic pain, unable to sleep, and feeling stiff when you roll out of bed in the mornings to name a few? Born in 1962, I have FINALLY FOUND the answer to reverse aging. If you could change the trajectory of how you age what would that look like? If you could regain your overall wellness and remove pain and inflammation from your body how would that change your life? Ask me about affordably activating your Stem Cells with the patented stem cell activation patch. Over 81 clinical studies.

A bit about me. I went to school for nursing and athletic training and did not get my license in either. I have been certified and am experienced in personal training, nutrition, & life coaching. I am a health and wellness mentor/coach and I help individuals in pain activate their stem cells change bad habits into good and regain their youthful vitality both inside and out.

I’m available through online consultations as well as face-to-face. Have an energetic joy-filled day.

Phone: (702) 423-1050
Facebook: AgelesswithBobi