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    • December 12, 2019
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Life Planning using Life Insurance. Life insurance covers final expenses, such as your funeral, as well as any outstanding debt you have upon your death.


Kathy is a Gulfport native with 40 years of experience as a business owner. She is the VP of Marston Rogers Group, a financial services and life insurance business. Her life has been built on four pillars: stability, family, faith, and hard work.

Having been a successful small business entrepreneur for 40 years her work experience is a versatile mix of knowledge and expertise in varying fields. As a Life Planner, her passion is to help individuals and businesses review where they are in life and business then help them design and implement life and retirement plans as well as business exit strategies. Through proper planning and execution of these plans, the financial anxiety surrounding life goals and retirement can be greatly reduced.

Website: mrg.life
Phone: 228-206-5902
Email: kathy@marstonrogers.com